Five Simple Rules To Wearing Double Denim

Think about the tones: No one wants a patchwork disaster of Britney and Justin at the American Music Awards back in 2001, so think about the colours of denim you are pairing together.

Balance it out: If you are worried that it’s going OTT, balance the outfit out with another texture, like a black leather jacket to black boots.

Keep on trend: embroidered denim is all over the high street at the moment, inspired by Gucci and Roberto Cavalli. Why not invest in some good quality, and tasteful, embroidered jeans that you can wear in seasons to come.

Don’t think too hard: Over thinking an outfit will turn out one of two ways; you won’t wear it, or it will end up being a complete fashion fail! A classic denim jumpsuit or dungarees are perfect if you want to add some denim into your wardrobe.

Be confident: Believe in yourself and wear your individual style with pride!


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