Primark release Prada look-a-like shoes

Highstreet retailer, Primark, revealed a new collection of shoes in their Instagram and everyone is going crazy because they look nearly identical to  a pair of Prada shoes which cost nearly 60 times more!

The £470 Prada shoes cost nearly 60 times more than Primark’s £8 pair. Picture: PRADA.COM

The popular, budget fashion retailer is no exception to copy-cat styles at a much cheaper cost; remember to Topshop ‘GEEK’ £40 crop tops which were shortly followed by Primark’s £10 ‘NERD’ ones, or recently their ‘Unicorn’ makeup brushes at £9, a dupe for the Unicorn Lashes £50 set.

However, it’s the latest pointed flat shoes with a bow detail that has got shoe lovers excited.

The £8 Primark shoes are a spitting image of Prada’s £470 Suede Pointed Flat Slipper shoes. Available in denim, nude and black, they are selling out fast to no surprise.

When I popped into my nearest Primark last week, I unfortunately didn’t see them, however there are a lot more similar styles of the flat open back shoes – just keep those fashionista eyes peeled!


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