Chapelfield Norwich are hiding £10 notes around their shopping centre

Picture: INTU

Chapelfield Norwich joins in with other intu shopping centre as part of the #intuBirds event by hiding £10 notes shaped into origami birds around the shopping centre.

The feel good camping hope to ‘put smiles on customers faces’ as a treat while they are shopping.

The hidden tenners, shaped like hawks, owls, chickens, ducks, flamingos, swans and peacocks, will only be hidden until Sunday May 14

The idea began after intu analysed the nation’s shopping habits, using the birds to represent seven different types of shopper:

The hawk represents the bargain hunter who’s always on the hunt for an offer.

The owl reflects the wise shopper who plans ahead.

The chicken is the last minute shopper.

The duck mimics the shopper who makes a day of it with the family.

The flamingo is used for the shopper who loves going shopping and looking good for the occasion.

The swan represents the window shopper.

The peacock portrays the over excited shopper who loves to shop for a big event or any special occasion.

Roger Binks, customer experience director for Intu, said: “We hope our origami birds will put a smile on the faces of the customers lucky enough to find one within our shopping centres.

“We’re passionate about creating experiences that surprise and delight our 35 million customers and whatever type of shopper you are; we’ll have something for you.

“By focusing on key moments both large and small we aim to ensure each and every customer leaves our centres happier than when they arrived.”

Which bird are you when is comes to your shopping habits?


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