Trend Alert: Topshop embroidered jeans have a hidden word sewn in.

Picture: TOPSHOP

Embroidery has been a big trend over the last year, with the trend adapting with the seasons to suit all styles – and these Topshop jeans are no exception, but many sharp-eyed people have spotted a hidden word sewn on them.

We are probably all guilty of buying things for the packaging or because they look pretty, but how many of us actually stop to really look and examine the products we are buying – not just for the quality but for the design as well.

The particular embroidered jeans from Topshop in question, sold out online within days, leaving customers begging for more sizes.

Picture: TOPSHOP

The £59 ‘Mom’ style jeans boast a very pretty embroidered floral design along the outside of the thigh, but look closely and you can see a word in, what looks like, symbols.

According to The Sun newspaper, the word is ‘Topshop’ written in Japanese script, Katakana.

Subtle branding there Topshop!

Topshop embroidery



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