TREND ALERT: The £15 Topshop tee which is a dupe for Gucci


If you are looking for a high end fashion dupe on a budget price, then this is the t-shirt for you!

This Topshop t-shirt has got fashionistas going crazy after many noticed that it resembled THAT Gucci tee. You all know the t-shirt I’m talking about: the white t-shirt with gold GUCCI on the front above a red and green striped logo.

Bloggers, including Alex Light London and Danielle Bernstein We Wore What have been making us all jealous on their Instagram feeds posting the hottest tee – but at £285 all some of us can do is dream.

Today on WWW • red hot 🔥shop links on my blog

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However, the £15 version from Topshop available in tall and petite sizes, which features intertwined hearts over two red stripes and the slogan ‘Merci mon cheri’, will fill anyone’s lust for the iconic tee.

If neither the Gucci or Topshop t-shirt takes your fancy, here are some other alternatives from different designers and retailers to satisfy your casual OTT slogan needs.

Designer Slogan Tees



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