Primark release £4 makeup palettes

Primark has done it again! Giving us £8 Prada look-a-like shoes wasn’t enough – they had to take on the beauty brands as well!

The budget fashion (and home and beauty) retailer have released £4 palettes and they look very similar to other products seen in “What I Got At Sephora” Youtube hauls.

Three eye shadow palettes, Minerals, Nudes, Smokey and Bronze, are park of the Primark’s beauty line, P.S, Mineral Range with each palette including 10 eye shadows.

Its easy to see why so many beauty bloggers have called them out on being dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palette line at £39.50.

As well as eye shadows, Primark also released a highlighting palette, the Pro Glow, which includes four shades; a pink shimmer, a champagne, a gold and a pearl – definitely reminiscent of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette.

Look out for Primark’s makeup range, and Bronze collection in store.





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