Five simple ways to keep cool this summer

Picture: PIXABAY

As temperatures reached 34 degrees Celsius (that’s 93 in Fahrenheit) across the UK over the last few days, many Brits have suffered lack of sleep, sun burn and heat exhaustion from the heat wave.

To help, here are five very simple, easy and cost friendly steps to help you keep cool this summer.

1. Drink loads – but not the summer cocktails! Drinking water is very important on an every day basis, not just in hot weather, and with less than 1% of people drink eight glasses of pure water each day, we are all guilty of not drinking enough water. If you find water ‘boring’ then add fresh fruit like lemons and limes, or even mint leaves, to give it an extra flavour in a low sugar way. Instead of ice cubes, you can always freeze strawberries and raspberries as an alternative.

Picture: PIXABAY

2. Know your cold spots. If you are starting to become over heated, or are with someone who is feeling hot and dizzy, knowing the body’s points of the fastest cool down is key. These points are; the back of the neck, behind the knees and inside of the elbows. ย Apply a wet towel, or ice wrapped in a towel (never ice on its own) to these areas as the sensitivity will help to cool down the body.

3. Switch up your workout routine. No one wants to go for that run in high temperatures, so with the weather warming up its the perfect time to try some new sports like swimming, tennis or outdoor yoga.

Picture: PIXABAY

4. Keep cool, look cool! You can still look good and keep cool this summer with the latest summer fashion accessories and ‘sweat proof’ makeup. Time to stock up on those setting sprays and dry shampoo! Go for more breathable and light coloured materials when dressing, and avoid caked on makeup which may melt off.

5. Sun cream, sun cream, sun cream! You are probably all sick of hearing it but sun scream is a must for hot weather. With so many different brands, sprays, lotions, water-resistant, ta accelerating, coconut smelling variations on the market – but make sure it has a high SPF (preferably above 25) to ensure you are protected from sun burning and skin damage.

Picture: PIXABAY



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