12 stylish summer festival essentials


If you are one of those lucky people heading off to a fantastic festival this summer, then you are probably freaking out at what to wear, to buy, to take! Ahh!

But never fear, here are just 12 purse friendly and stylish summer essentials to get you through the festival weekend.

festival 2

First off all; opt for a secure and practical bag for when you are wondering round the festival. Bum-bags are perfect for this, and you can get your hands on some very stylish ones, like this silver metallic one from Miss Selfridge at £38.

Avoid taking a big bulky purse with all your cards in – you won’t need them and you don’t want to lose them. Instead, take a small coin purse – it’s compact and perfect for taking your cash in for the weekend. If you want something girly and glittery, then this pink glitter coin purse from Skinny Dip at £17 is for you. Want something a little different? How about this Pineapple one (£4) or this cute Whale one (£7), both from Trouva.com.

Stylish shades are must have, and if you have your favourite ones already to go then brilliant! But if you are unsure of your eye-wear, here are some inspirations. Make a statement with these frosted pink pointed mirrored shades from Le Specs, £23. Go full glam with these ombre blue circle glasses from Skinny Dip, £25. Or opt for a chic look with these black and gold oversized glasses from Topshop, £18.

Lets be honest, you will probably be taking loads of selfies during the festival weekend, so why not style up your phone with some summer themed phone cases. Topshop have some great cases from as little as £3, like this Watermelon print and Multi Glitter case – perfect for jazzing up your phone without the risk of damaging an expensive case.

Summer Festival Essentials


Now onto some beauty essentials!
If you are struggling to pick a nail polish colour to last all weekend, then this £15 duo from Nails Inc is perfect for you. The duo-chrome effect of the nail polish means that the colours change as the light hits them – and with multi coloured nail polish, you won’t get bored with the same colour all weekend.
Another fun beauty trend which takes festival-goers by storm are body stickers. I’ve picked these ones from Etsy, but you can pick up a variety of colours and styles from other stores; like Primark and Claire’s.
Don’t forget your sun-cream! Pick a kids one as these normally have higher SPF and the bottles are smaller to fit in your bag. Check out these other ways to keep cool this summer. 
If it’s very hot, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but drinking water doesn’t have to be boring. Take along a cute tumbler, like this Ice-Cream one from Ohhdear.com at £11, to you can still look stylish while staying hydrated.
A compact mirror, lip balm and chewing up are essentials to freshen up if you are going to be eating a lot throughout the day. As well as that, roll on deodorants are an ideal size for a small bag. Opt for roll on as, depending on restrictions to the event, some festivals may not allow you to bring in aerosol cans – so double check what you are allowed to bring in on the events website.

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