7 holiday packing hacks

Picture: PIXABAY

The school holidays are now upon us and that means more of us will be jetting off to beautiful sunny destinations world wide! (Very jealous as I’ve already had my holiday!)

Nevertheless, whether you are going away for a short break or on a long family holiday, I’ve got seven travel hacks to make packing for your break easy and efficient.

1. Use cling film or sellotape around the lids of your toiletries to stop them from leaking and spilling in your luggage.

2. Thread the chains of your necklaces through a drinking straw to stop them from getting tangled up in your travels.

3. Put a plastic bag around your shoes to stop them transferring dirt onto your clothes.


Picture: PIXABAY

4. Pack smaller items, like socks and underwear, inside your sun hat to save space and stop your favourite hat from getting squashed.

5. Instead of folding your clothes when packing, just fold them in half once and then roll them instead to save space and reduce creasing.

6. Pack heavier items, like shoes, towards the bottom of your suitcase where the wheels are – that way, thanks to gravity, you won’t risk your shoes slipping down and wrinkling your clothes.

7. Pack smaller items, like socks or even bottles of toiletries, inside your shoes to save space.


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