How to Instagram your perfect autumn

Picture: PIXABAY

With over 600 million instagrammers, according to Wordstream, the competition for the hottest and most photogenic account is almost impossible to break and your account can get lost through the filter madness – but never fear, you may not reach Selena Gomez’ record of 117 million followers, but here are some tips to ensure you capture the best of your summer.

Picture: PIXABAY

Filters and Editing: Many ‘grammers use the same filter for their pictures to remain consistent, why not try the same with yours? Or why not try no filter, but instead experiment with the editing tools like the warmth, saturation, contrast and brightness in order to achieve the perfect colour corrected picture.

According to Wordstream, 60% of businesses on Instagram use the same filter in every post.

According to, the most popular filters worldwide are Juno, Gingham and Clarendon.

Don’t forget to sharpen each photo – this is a fab editing tool which a lot of people miss. It will make your pictures clearer and crisper on the screen, making it look like they have been shot with a professional camera and not an iPhone.

Picture: PIXABAY

Time: We all lust for a colour consistent feed with a 9am, 3pm, 7pm, posting regime – but unless you are a full time blogger with your own personal photographer and social media manager – achieving that can be very difficult and very time consuming. Instead, think ahead; if you are going to an event or on a trip, take a variety of pictures and post them out during the week when you are normally at work or home.

Hashtags and Captions: Use relevant captions; use this as a moment to talk about what is going on in the picture. If it is an outfit picture, talk about where the clothes are from and don’t forget to tag the retailers. If it’s about food, then tag the restaurant and write a short review. Also, you can never have too many hashtags, it ensures that you get the most reach to your pictures. As you type in the hashtag, Instagram will help you by listing the most used for you to pick – just keep them relevant to the picture.

Have Fun: Just because you want your Instagram to be consistent, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Using apps like Boomerang and adding short video’s to your feed will keep your followers engaged and entertained.



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